Do it More to Make it Better

“I took longer to figure out how to do this than anybody I’ve ever met.” -Ira Glass

I’m not particularly a fan of Mr. Glass, but I appreciate his advice. I’ve stopped myself numerous times from continuing my creative work because of the disconnect between what I was writing, which was not very good, and my ability to recognize good creative writing, which is better than average. I often felt discouraged when I read what I wrote. (I still do.) Subsequently, my writing became more infrequent.


Get over it and get it out. After all, if Mr. Glass is correct, which I believe he is, we have to put ourselves out there. And whatever it is, there has to be a lot of it before we make something worthwhile.

End Note
It all boils down to this: do something a lot to be better at it. So obvious, yet so hard to remember. They call it “practice,” right.

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